Tiffany Wong is an emerging artist whose art practice focuses on painting. She lives a rich life as the daughter of Hong Kong immigrants immersed in Montreal’s unique French and English environment. As the mother of two young children, she lives a very busy and full life. 


She began to pursue Painting and Drawing and animation in 2008 at Concordia University and also specialized in 3d modelling at Campus ADN following her graduation in  2012. These days, she mainly focuses on her first love, which is painting. 


She has recently participated in the online version of Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Mtl en Arts and her work has appeared in the September, October and November issues of House and Garden.  In 2018, she was awarded the Prix de Reléve at Mtl en Arts. Her work is collected in homes and businesses across Canada and the USA. 



My paintings are places. They long for rich imaginary worlds and the vague fleeting moments from childhood memories and the realm of dreams. Articulated and recollected through shapes and marks, these ethereal paintings are informed by my Chinese-Canadian identity and my relationship with the unseen world.


Patience and intuition guide my process and it begins before the surface’s first marks. I let foraged plants and kitchen scraps boil for hours before binding it with gum arabic before applying it to the surface. The inks stain the canvas, letting chance control the shapes that emerge. Sometimes, the pools of natural inks converge with China ink, referencing Chinese ink wash paintings, a nod to my cultural heritage. I use natural pigments and bind it with a matte medium and lay it thickly onto the surface against the watery layers. I build tension in my work between thick and transparent marks, as an emotional response - my painting is confessional and personal. I am intent on communicating the passage that I’m narrating, the memory I’m recollecting. Vacillating between fantasy and lived experience, I stop short of representation. Nearing the end of the piece, I subtract and obscure some of my marks with transparent coats of paint, gold leaf or embroidered shapes. My process is forgiving and meditative, while also being escapist. I wish to impart that same comfort and pause to the viewer while taking them to a place that doesn’t exist in their own reality. 


My most recent body of work celebrates explores the escapist quality of literature. Painted during 2021 afternoons indoors, Poets and Saints was created listening to endless amounts of podcasts and audiobooks about lore and mythology. Languid slow marks characterize the collection and the paintings include hand embroidered shapes, flecks of gold leaf, adding more interest to the surface. It is my aim that the viewer is provided with an escape while viewing this collection against these tumultuous times.